DUCATI 1299 SUPERLEGGERA (2017-on) Reviews

DUCATI 1299 SUPERLEGGERA (2017-on) Reviews

DUCATI 1299 SUPERLEGGERA (2017-on) Reviews:

Ride Quality & Brakes 5 out of 5


A high-strength carbon fibre monocoque chassis is four-hundredth lighter (-1.7kg) than the forged ali item found on the remainder of the Panigale vary and also the single-sided swingarm offers another eighteen weight saving (-0.9kg). The rear subframe, fairing, mudguard, individual and exhaust protection area unit all carbon. solely the fuel tank is metal.

1.4kg lighter wheels area unit carbon fibre with metal hubs. Ducati claims twenty sixth less rolling resistance at the front and a quarter mile at the rear. They’re shod with Pirelli Diablo Super Corsa SP trackday tyres.

Fully adjustable Ohlins 43mm FL936 forks weigh one.35kg but the Ohlins on the homologation special Panigale R. At the rear the Ohlins TTX36 shock is fitted with a metallic element spring and saves an extra zero.5kg. Superbike-inspired Brembo M50 radial calipers with race pads bite twin 330mm front discs.

Ducati claims 156kg dry, however it’s truly 167kg wet, with no fuel and 178kg with its 17-litre tank full to the brim. to create that figure turn for you, a Yamaha MT-07 weighs 4kg more…and makes 146bhp less. The rotating shaft is truly the one weightiest a part of the complete machine.

You feel that complete lack of weight, a hollowness that defies belief on a 1300cc superbike each in. of the method and as speeds build that sense of ethereal lightness ne’er goes away. It takes very little effort to flick this wondrous, thunderous bike from aspect to aspect through the high-speed chicanes and it carves with complete exactness through quick corners.

The 1299 Superleggera has been developed at exotic European tracks together with Marsilea drummondii, Jerez, Vallelunga, Mugello, Portimao and Aragon, however just like the remainder of the Panigale family it demands a singular riding technique.

It will shake and wobbles in protest, if you grab it by the nucha of the neck, however caress it, walk on eggshells and ride it with the lightest bit and it delivers breath taking corner entry speed and big lean angles.

You don’t feel any of the clumsy stiffness you’d imagine a carbon chassis would yield. The 1299 Superleggera still has feel and is even easier to ride quickly than its Panigale sisters, because of a lightness that enhances acceleration, legerity and braking. however it’s not utterly perfect: it weaves a trifle in an exceedingly line fast laborious through third and fourth, however types itself out once more flat within the prime 2 gears.

That aside the 1299 Superleggera is laughably stable at full lean whereas and underneath the relentless force of race-grade Brembos at full squeeze. Ducati’s sensible new physical science build the duty of riding easier and safer still.



The 215bhp, 1285cc Superquadro motor (up 15bhp on the 2014 1199 Superleggera and 10bhp quite the 1299S and R) is full of race-bred components, together with superbike-spec high compression pistons, high-lift cams, metal cylinder liners, a light-weight regulator and rotating shaft with metal counterweights, metallic element con rods, sand-cast crankcases, larger (than even Ducati’s athletics superbikes) metallic element intake and exhaust valves and a ported, 0.4kg lighter plate. The engine weighs a pair of.1kg but the 1299S’s.

Throttle body valves area unit additional mechanics, for improved flowing and have completely different length body of water trumpets to suit every cylinder (they’re constant length on the 1299). A monetary unit 4-friendly Akrapovic exhaust with WSB-style twin underseat pipes is normal, however you get a 4kg lighter full system enclosed within the worth, that boosts peak power by 5bhp and adds twelve-tone system additional power and force at 6500rpm.

With such a fearful power-to-weight quantitative relation, acceleration is brutal. The motor is loaded with grunt, as you’d imagine, however it’s quick-revving and thrives on rev. Fitted with the newest evolution rider aids, none of the engine’s power is wasted on slides or wheelies, thus all the 1299 Superleggera needs to try to to after you open the throttle is catapult forward with muscle-straining fury.

Build Quality & Reliability

The 1299 Superleggera may be a piece of robust, muscular art. Attention to detail, from the standard of the carbon, the left bar-mounted front brake span claims adjustor, to the plaque on the airbox with the signature of the engineer WHO timed-up the motor may be a relentless assault on the senses. you may sit and engulf the detail for hours.
Insurance, running prices & price five out of five

The 1299 Superleggera may be a special bike with a special tag. however with all five hundred already sold-out second user values look set to soar as those desperate for a slice of Ducati history can merrily pay over the percentages for the privilege.


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