Hey I am Shakib. I am a High School Teacher. I live in Paba, Rajshahi. My school is only 15 km far from my home. So I am face to need a bike. After taking decision I fall into a crisis to find a proper bike to me. I start to discuss about other biker & my friends. They suggest another another bike to me. After 7 days I final my decision to by Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc. About 8 Month ago I bought this bike from Keshorhat, Mohanpur, Rajshahi. I and My only one Friend go there and buy this bike. Now I tell you some about my bike based 8 months experiences.

First of all I want to tell no technical issue I have detected ever. I take tree services. 5,000 Kmpl distance, I ride this bike. Here We Try to know about Rider Own opinion based rider experience by following some simple question.

Why You Choose this Bike?

About Fifteen days to go to get my decision final about buy this Motorcycle. I am a High School teacher. I am 32 years old. As based my age & my body height is ready to ride a big Bike. As this concept I am searching for a 150 cc bike. I look Hero Hunk, Bajaj Pulsar 150 SD, TVS Apach But Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc is one the best to me. So I want to take a decision to buy this Bike. It is muscular body based Standard Commuter bike. Looking so good, Double disc make it more attractable. Color combination is so good I think. I choose for my Black & Blue combination. One of the most cause to buy this bike for its Brand value. I think Bajaj is so trusty Bike Brand all over the world. Looking & Brand Value is the most cause to buy this bike.

Your Riding Experience?

Riding experience is so positive. Cause I ride this bike upto 5,000 km. I make a long tour, short tour, Highway road, rural road, maddy way. I think I ride this bike all type of road. I realy feel comfort. Long tour is also enjoyable to me. Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Controlling system is really good. I was two more bike before this Bike but there aren’t double disc at all. First some days I feel fair about this but now I maintain it very nicely. Speed is very pleased to me. Smoothly drive experience.Engine Sound is so good to me. I really like this boom boom sound. Its really very sporty. Overall my riding experience is very good & positive for this bike.

Some Question & Answer Based Your Riding Experience

Q1. How get You Mileage Now?

Ans1. Short Ride 45 + Kmpl & Long Ride Around 50 Kmpl. Note: I always try to ride with economy Speed to get a proper mileage.

Q2. How Speed do you Ride & is it possible to increase this speed?

Answer 2: Basically I ride very carefully. My top speed in this bike is 96 kmph. One day when I pass a Bus this speed is gathered there. But I believe it go so far speed. I think 115 -120 Kmph speed can be easily gathered in this Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc Bike.

Q3. Tell Us About Braking System.

Answer 3. Braking system of this Bajaj Pulsar 150 Twin Disc bike is really good after some days from my buy this this bike. Cause Firstly dual disc is really fair to me but a few days later i really liked this braking system. now I can tell this First some days i was very mentaly weak to use Dual disc. cause I don’nt ever use double disc before. Now I can 100% positive to this braking system.

Q4. What Problem do you Face in Riding this bike?

Answer 4. I don’t face any mejor problem but some problem i face like:-
– After riding for a long time, I feel pain in my hands or back.
– Ground clearance mark is not enough why because it stuck with the speed breaker.

Q5. Tell Some Good Features you have Noticed?

Answer 5. I have noticed some good site at my own eye thoese are :-
-Better controlling
-Stylish design, very exciting to look at
-Split seating position
-Double disc breaking system
-Engine Sound
-Speed & Mileage