Just look at the Yamaha MT 15. Will, you be sure it's nothing more than a Yamaha R15. That's wearing too little, but what it is wearing is still very fashionable. It's literally God. Nobody no world to really even judge here, but somehow its minimalism makes it appear. So so stylish. Yes, even without those fluorescent, yellow wheels, like on the international side bike but isn't enough to change the popular belief that you need a full fan motorcycle to turn heads. 

Whether you write it to college or to work the Yamaha MT 15 will put you in a great move at speeds under 60, kmph. The MT 15 does mean a bit payment muted but that's just the refinement of the motor and in reality its performance. In the city is very energetic. You can write it as low as 30 kmph and 6 gear. If you like and like on the R15 & MT15 build up revs with no hesitation. Gets you is the fact that this engine just refuses to let up like on the R15 this engine to just pulls cleanly no matter what speed you're riding at. And then there is this be a light that pops up on the display every time you cross about 7.75 thousand RPM. It just makes you feel like you're part of this complex mechanical Wizardry of sorts. And even when you do need to put that six-speed gearbox to work. It's a thing of immense Joy because that gearbox is just super slick imprecise. In fact, a clutch also features a slip and assist function, which means Your heart downshifts and clutch lever action of both taken care of and not to forget the rear sprocket on the NBC theme is actually larger than that of the R15, which means is actually more tractable at low revs. 

The unstressed motor. Makes it easy to ride apart from properly, Petty and matching. That is the way it stairs. It surely helps that the MT 15 is 4 kg lighter than the R 15 but given that it's not as front-heavy its 138 kg curve wave feels significantly lighter than that of the R15, especially in traffic with the leverage. From this wide handlebar, the sharp rape, the wide enough tires and the overall commanding but unstressed riding position. 

There's no Gap. You can't filter through and unlike on an R15. You don't really have to slow down Foreign Relations that you can do all of this while still going 52 kilometers to a liter of petrol. Only sweetens the deal. This also means that the Yamaha MT 15 and encourages you to goes beyond just having fun in the city, ready to hit the highway. On the highway, the MP is numbers. Definitely impress. The mid-range is healthy, which means you only need one downshift to overtake in most cases and refinement that 450 km is also beefing with a mild Buzz, being felt at The Handlebar in pain, but none of the fuel type. If you persist the MT 15, can even show you upwards of 130 mph on the speed, and at a hundred, it certainly doesn't feel stress on an even brighter. Note. Literally, the Long Haul Riders amongst you will find that the bye. 

Function LED headlight is better than on the FC to fight. It offers a good throw and Decent spread, although the intensity could be right. What many of you won't like, however, is that the MT then win doesn't feel as Punchy as a number suggests, It still is very practical. But if Yamaha could make him feel as menacing as the mood suggest that will make it irresistible. In fact, despite being lighter than the R15. It's not actually as quick and that's because this light front end results. In these tiny wheelies, every time you view the hard launch making it a looser solution, milliseconds. Once again, the smoothness of the 

It makes the Yamaha MT 15 seem a bit painful, but a great companion for the high women. Those of you do intend to him the highway at the end of Yamaha MT 15 will be impressed with the fact that it returns 48.5 kilometers to the liter, which gives it an overall range of about more than 450 kilometers a trailing wind speeds, which is not bad at all. Considering the fuel tank is actually a little smaller than on the Yamaha R15. What also makes the Yamaha MT 15, very likable is its handling, it turns in sharply which does call for gentle inputs, although to sweeping Corners it is stable and predictable. What's a bit? The is the breaking package, unlike on the R15, the MT 15 only gets a single Channel abs. And while the brakes of a good progression, they lack, the sharp bite a motorcycle. This potent, really needs also, given the MT's compact riding geometry. It lacks the R15's finesse around corners, which means if you are Safety, like, I am, you can't really hang off too much. In other words, if you want to show off, you're going to have to resort to doing other things like pulling weeds or something. At the end of a long day in its eating. However, there are some concerns that do arise. Now, while the riding position is fun to feed being a bit firm. And also, narrow is not very good for long-distance writing seat height at 810 millimeters are decent. Even if you're on the shorter side, the night quality on the empty is actually quite Busan /. Most surfaces. It's not KTM from but firm enough to keep its handling, very agile, and the Young Guns amongst, you will definitely find no reason to complain.

But is there a deal-breaker somewhere in there? Well, not exactly. But there are certain compromises are going to have to learn to live with. Let me show you what those out. Firstly, you have the overall fit and finish which is, as you can see, not very great. In fact, then you have this massive exposed metal extension, which keeps all of this together, which is streaming to be activated so that the tail can be varied up. It is not uniform. 

Then you have the switch here, which isn't very premium or very well laid out either. Take, for instance, is horn button, that's positioned where you usually find the indicator, toggle, or the past light switch that's been integrated into the beams. Which oddly enough. Even the mirrors amount of asymmetrical, which doesn't look right for a motorcycle of this price to nitpick. It. Also, add that the key slot to open the seat is the position now, we'll share Not that. It's an inconvenience because in reality is only enough room under the seat to store away, a slice of bread. 


At the end, Yamaha MT 15 Price in Bangladesh is 3,94,000 Taka. If you want to know about all specs Check Yamaha MT-15 Specs. Good & Bad Side everything you know about this bike from in this article. Now you can get a decision about buying this bike..