This is TVS Radeon. It's 110 CC community of Bike from TVS.It Has some unique features, which makes it stand out from other than 110 cc bikes. Let's start with will take all the important things by choosing a bike and in that will start with the design. The design of the TVS Radeon is very simple. And Also something that Priya all familiar with as a simple commuter bike design the headlight escrow muscles to make it stand out. And there is also drls on the bottom section. It is led the main headlight is elegant world. And usually bikes in this segment as Pro and I tried disability, but surprisingly with the Radeon, he likes range and coverage is good and hence night drives are not told a problem. 

Now, checking the fuel tank is again, a simple metal tank, no sharp curves, but instead, it gets this ripped iPad, just like a cushioning for your leg. The fuel tank, even though not a huge one has 10 liter capacity, which is a good thing. I'm going on to the speedometer console. It's an analog console but separated into two sections with crutches TVS calls. It's a very simple speedometer console, but still, it looks pretty neat. And it shows all the basic info one thing. I like here. The speedometer control is that it has a size 10 indicator, which is a bonus. The XO Subterranean is a very common and classic round. Exhaust. It has a chrome finished metal protector. The handlebar of the bike is usual. You sheep handlebar, which is also Chrome finished. And for the switch controls, you get all the usual ones, like, the dim bulb, right? Switch fast, light indicator, toggle horn, and cell start. Which then finally for the ride design. There is nothing special. It follows the bike's design pattern, nothing new with the taillight and all through, with the billion, grab rail, it carrier. So overall for the design. It's a very familiar design, but what's important here? Is that even though it's a design that they are used to this bike is built strong Feels very sturdy. And therefore even though it's symbol based on style based on durability. I feel it will last pretty well. 

Now that we have checked the design. Let's check the engines back and find out the right quality and comfort of the bike for the engine. It's 109.7 CC carburetor engine, the max power and torque generated by this 110 cc engine is on par with its competitors. That's noticeable. When you take the radio on for a ride, the bike doesn't have a very abrupt initial pick up but instead, it's a steady pick up for the Geer Box. It's a four-speed gearbox and the gear shifts are smooth and not very short. The engine is fourth and feels refined till a speed of 50 km/h, there is no vibration in that speed range. But when you try to push above the 50 km/h Mark, we can feel that the engine is stressed and also the right quality degrades. Well, that's expected because it's a basic 110cc bike and then I don't have any complaints about that and within speed range. The bike actually is a good one in terms of right quality. And also one thing to stress is that Exhaust note is very different than other bikes in this segment. 

Now, coming to our top four, we are very happy to see that this bike is a very comfortable by well, that's because of lot of things combined together, like the suspensions, seat, riding poster, etc. For the suspensions. The front is telescopic suspension. The rare is five-step adjustable hydraulic. Suspension is a switches are set soft and it's very good. Even while you write through rough, patches. I didn't experience any stress or strain now for the seats. It's a very long Single Seat and it has great positioning. It also looks nice but it's not that white still. It's a very comfortable. One for both the Rider and the Pillion, then for the Riders, eating poster. It's perfectly upright, which is well suited for City commutes. Well, all of these things together makes the ratio on a very comfortable bike and 110cc segment. And for the right control. It's a bike that weighs just 112 kg and it's a very manageable bike and it's controlling. It is not at all an issue, but one issue that the brakes used are not very good ones. The front is 220 mm drum and the rear brake is 110 mm drum. And you also get SBT or synchronized braking technology, which is a technically complicated system. Seen it Honda bikes and scooters, but still since the brakes both front and rear are just very average breaking is not good and I will always recommend you don't write this buttock Beyond its limits. Some of the other things that is why excels are the ground clearance which is 180 mm. So you don't have to worry about anything. While riding through really bad road conditions and also the CD. 

The bike was perfect for a rider with both our legs. We think the ground without any problem. And also I didn't experience any issues with the and robot tube and for a reference.One more thing is that the bike gets tubeless tires, which are small. Tires least. On thickness. So for this factor, which is the performance and ride quality and comfort, I would say for performance. It's on par with its competitors. There is nothing special for this bike and the same is the case with right quality, but for iComfort, it's actually better than some of the other offerings in this segment. Aunt and I feel T visas claim of this bike being a rugged bike is to an extent true. Now, before drawing any conclusions. You have to check two more important things which are the mileage and price. And in that for the mileage, during testing in city traffic, you got approximately 62 km per liter, which is actually not bad. And for the price, there is only one model and it's actual pricing is 95,900 Taka. That's all about the tedious ratio on and now to the verdict. 

Reading is a bike, which has a design that is very familiar for all of us. This design was initially seen in the hero and the Splendor. And here TVs is really on actually follows that classic design. Little bit of extra touches devious did, build this bike pretty strongly and I feel it's like a rugged bike. The performance is not the highlight of this bike. But instead, it's a sturdy build comfort and mileage, which are the standard features for the Radeon. And hence. If you are looking for 110, cc bike for refuse and your trust, the long-term reliability of TVs, it's a good option for the price.