It's the Honda CB Hornet 160r. It was a big success for Honda and that alone makes it a sure one to be updated. Well, because of the lockdown, the dates might have been pushed to a later one, but when clocking way back, why was the Hornets so much attractive to a wider range of riders. Its came into the market, as a powerful and aggressive style offering from Honda. And that itself was actually excitement-crazy stuff. Because on at that time, didn't offer many of powerful bites below. The one left, the right thing and over the course of time on it, got the Greeks in design as well as the injured region rings. And this here is actually the 2090 motion of the honor pledge to be. Frank does have beastly aggression in design. Phase looking headlight with The honored Branding does give you a hint that this bike really focuses on charity. This headlight is a LED headlight and in the segment, even though it was not the best interest. Are more than just fine. In fact, getting through pitch dark with the Hornet was not at all an issue. 
Therefore, The Handlebar you get the straight-up handle bar, which again, was not commenting for Honda at that time and the switch controls are fine. But even with the Hornet back then on, I was kind of element to not given engine kill switch. The instrument cluster was the small digital panel, which is not a bad one. But still it wasn't showing everything needed stuff. The dire position indicator was not there, but still, it was not a disappointment and taking the tank. Well, this is a massive tank with the extra shaping and this Aggressive Graphics tank. Really does stand out. But even though in sizing, it looks big, the capacity of the tank was just 12 liters and now taking the resection it also its aggression at its best. I mean, just take a look at this x-ray pre-light. It's even now one of the best-looking taillights and that combined with the split type, grab bar, and also very chunky tires, which again is not common with Honda gives the on it, a striking attraction, even from the rare. And also don't forget the shot and put the exhaust, so you get the team in here, right? It's a truly striking design, but it's not only the design that gave the Honda CB Hornet 160R its popularity. 

The engine is 160.71 CC, air-cooled four-stroke single-cylinder be a scorecard. Wait engine. Now hear the engine did produce. Pretty great numbers for the max output power and torque. And that's the advantage the On it. Had this engine could easily the 115 km/h, Mark and pushing it to the hundred is a piece of cake. Now, even though it's a very performance-oriented engine. It said in such a way that the power delivery is in a constant Manner and I do like such kind of your name because that actually helps a lot to commit through City traffic with ease and when we open space we can try real hard to get that extra punch and you're hundreds at everything with perfection which actually did provide a very enjoyable and vibration Free Ride for a speed range from 0 to 100. Km/h. Then for the gearbox used. It's a 5-speed one, and it's a pretty good one with no game. 

The issues and the shifts are smooth. There are Riders will face some chain-related issues with the initial versions of the Hornet. But with the model I tested, it didn't show any such problems. Now for the ceiling poster. It's not perfectly upright, but the handlebar was set closer to the rider. So you don't have to lean much for the annual grab and the seat height is set at a moderate level, which actually does suitable for Idols with a wider height range. Now, here the seed is not the best one but it's still a good one. With etiquette questioning. The writer does have sufficient seating area, but still I wished the see a bit more surface area for the pillion. But even with this, the billion will also be. Oil and your, for the rider, since the tiger shark goes to tuck in the leg, even though the bike weighs around 140 kg. It's an easy one to ride. And also, to quickly flick around, then take the suspension. It's a telescopic front, one, and a Monoshock rare one, which is a good combo, but here the rash suspension was a bit on the stiffer side where it does take the majority of the stress and strain and hence. There wasn't any discomfort by writing through rough conditions or even while wearing for an extended period of time. No talking about rough riding conditions. The bike did have a 164 mm ground clearance and therefore the underside of the bike didn't give me any problems even though in these Conditions. 
I did already mention that. The right eye was a chunky one that measures 140 Mm in thickness. And actually the front one is also fairly wide measuring at 100 mm. Any of these tubeless tires to grip well, which is a great thing for the safe side and to make things even better, Hunter did offer different variants with good, breaking combo. And you specifically, the last version was launched by ABS a cube. Now, there were two variants in that which is a via standard. And in that, the ocean I tested was the standard one in which the front brake was 276 mm disc and the Rear was 130 mm drum. And either friend was active, the devious. So it's a single tiny be Spike. So it's like haunted rid of great selections, which displayed differently with breaking any other variant. I tested it actually of a, pretty excellent braking performance. I could see the safe braking speed was below 85 km/h, Mark. Any other bike, it stopped without any skits, or where we left off and overall. I was happy with the braking performance. So, from all this, it's no wonder that. The Hornet was a loved bike. It was like a perfect offering for Riders. Who wanted a commuter bike with great performance aggressive design, Good safety. Sufficient features. 

Perfect ride quality and also comfortable ride, even if it's office commutes or weekend trips. And all of this game at, not a very steep Price Tag, Too. And by the way, the reason I said, it's a good option for Riders looking for commuter bikes Force because my rage was also not bad. In City. You could get somewhere between 45 to 50 km per liter and in good driving conditions and highways, it could be pushed to 55 + km per liter, but now with the end of BS4 well.