Bajaj pulsar 150 User Review By Shumon Mahmud

Lets introducing myself, Hi I am Shumon Mahmud from Dhaka college, Dhaka. My father Md. Shahin Alom is lecturer in a college inside the main city. So my father have to travell a long way. For this cause my father buy a Motorcycle 2 years ago. Bajaj pulsar 150 is my father Motorcycle. Although this my father bike but I ride its maximum time. Because I give a lift my father. Every day I go to my college after riding my bike with my father on his college as like his driver. So as a result Full time my bike stay with me. So I can realize how ride experience from it. This is not so far at all about 40,000 km we are riding at this bike.So Now I tell you about my Riding Experience Below.


Design and Build quality:
As a bike rider i can tell it that really this is a owsome sporting bike in our country. Bajaj company make it’s a unique model for the underdeveloped country like Bangladesh.Big Body , High speedy Sporting quality based this bike is really good & passionate at all.Now a days maximum rider make it their own bike. Even this Bajaj pulsar 150 Bajaj not yet sell their huge quantity of bike from other Models. Bajaj pulsar 150 is the perfect invention of the Bajaj company. My father Likes this bike & Buy it for me and his neccessary. I am really happy to get this bike.It’s a sporting bike But look like Standerd bike. No age varieation stay here to ride this at all.

Riding Experience:
I am a student so i am still young now. As a young myself can get a ride experience is better then others.On the other Hand My father is not young like us but he enjoy also to ride this bike.When i was busy with my various work my father drive this bike to reach his college in time. so my father has also a experience to drive this bike. Bajaj pulsar 150 is give me a free riding & enjoyble riding experience. High speedy pass performance and grow up speed at a small time is good for riding this motorcycle. I think Bajaj pulsar 150 is better Motorcycle than others 150 cc Motorcycles in Bangladesh.Mileage & Speed thoese are very good from other branded 150 cc bike in BD. Seat and body combinations are perfectly cz we are not any hazitation when we are riding this bike properly for long time.


Now I will say about Bajaj pulsar 150 controlling power. As young Generation generally our speed not small at all, for this is a bike that has a really a wonderfull controlling bike.My father personaly say to me about this control system. Front Disc break and Rear drum breake combination is owsome controling feature. Another good controlling feature on it that when we pass a big vachiecls we need much speed from pass it. This bike is really better than any other bike in BD thats get a good speed at a short even any passing moment. This is a good controlling feature. Maximum accident is the answer for it. So I can truly and easily said that Bajaj pulsar 150 is the most Controll favoured Motorcycle In Bangladesh. For the cause Rider can easily choose it.Rider can be youngest or can be oldest both are preferd this bike without hazitation.

Performance of Engine:
Bajaj pulsar 150 is a bike that is a great feture of Engine.Powerfull this engine better than of all 150 cc bike in bd. I think and i realize that people who ride this Bajaj pulsar 150 Motorcycle they know that how cool this engine is. Liquied cooling system and other cominations it gives me now 40 kmpl mileage. I listen that my friend who has also a TVS Apache RTR 150 , Hero Hunk, Yamaha Fazar, Suzuki Gixxer motorcycle fo 2 years they get less then 40 kmpl mileage in the last stage. This is the best unique sample that make it different from other 150 cc Motorcycle in Bangladesh. Personally I like its power and engine combination.Fasionable but Standard type this bike truily famous for all ages rider.


Last Speech:
After riding experience I can tell all of readers that we know many 150 cc Motorcycle in various Branded in BD. But Experience of riding thoese bikes are defferent from one another. It’s my long experience to ride a bike. I am very pleased to ride this bike from others we have used ago.2 years with this bike i have not face any problem at all.By Properly mobile replacement and good surface petrol or octain using can this bike problemless.

So now i am very happy with my bike. Don’nt know what happens next.Fuel savings, ultra power combinations,speedy much and big body with styling Motorcycle It is , I think . So Really I can enjoy ride a bike with Bajaj pulsar 150. As a Indian Bike it is better then any china bike our country. So at a last stage persionaly I like it very much.