I am MD.Raihan Palash , presently i’m a empolier of NGO in Bogra. As a result of My quater far for my office thats about 30 km, that’s why I even have chosen a motorbike for my transportation and for several days i’m victimisation Bajaj Discover 125. For 2 years this bike is with me. And I use it freely without any Hazitations.

I am terribly obsessed on motorcycles from my childhood and whenever I got an opportunity to ride a motorbike I build it count. Before this bike I even have used Bajaj Discover 135 & Tvs Star Sports and when buying Bajaj Discover 125 I even have traveled virtually 35,000 kilometers with it. These days i’m attending to share all of my riding experiences and looking at that I had seen at intervals these 2 years of my Bajaj Discover 125 cc Motorcycle. This may real Experience at all.


Design and Build quality:
First of all i need tell concerning the planning and complex body part of my bike, and that i would say a as a 125cc commuter bike it’s satisfactory. One amongst the foremost angelic things concerning this bike is its good graphics excellently matched with the fuel tanker and also the color combination. I think there aren’t any lacking at the general build quality and also the style. I favor the planning of all the body elements however the reminder alloy rims square measure poor in quality.Not bad at all to like this bike. My wife seggested to bye this Motorcycle for the standard look.As a Indian Bike I gave it high priority inside.


Riding Experience:
I feel terribly snug throughout my ride with this bike and that I suppose as 125cc bike it’s pleasant. foremost the seating position is extremely snug and riding with 2 pillions isn’t a matter of concern at this bike. Although we tend to don’t have the permission for riding with 2 pillions along side the rider however I even have traveled and that i was snug. I had ne’er felt any quite back pain when riding for long-standing owing to the seating position of my bike. There’s nice combination of seating position and also the bar which supply relaxed riding. Night riding expertise with bike is additionally pleasurable owing to the snug seat and easy bar i used to be forever relaxed. I didn’t have to be compelled to realize any electrical switches as a result of all square measure known and positioned at the known places just like the alternative bikes and no lacking of the light power. higher and swish suspensions offered me relaxed ride at any road conditions additionally. Good controll power, low sound system and the top speed & shorteen time get it more power , that is soo amazing for me. As a emploier I get a nice comfort fellings with it.


In one word i’m not wholly happy with the dominant of my bike. as a result of after I ride at sensible speed I feel I even have lost the management of my bike. One amongst the opposite issues throughout ride at sensible speed is that the vibration, that’s why riding becomes troublesome. At the highest speed this bike flow with the air and absorbing with the surface got reduced that i believe an enormous downside. However I believe the tires square measure excellent as 125cc bike. With this sort of tire I had traveled at the villages roads jam-packed with mud however I even have got higher grip. Each the tires suppliers higher road grip and that’s why they don’t skid a lot of at any road conditions. Sensible braking provided me higher support for dominant this bike. Combination of Disc and drum makes me happy a trifle bit.


 Performance of Engine:
Once I even have ridden virtually 300 kilometers at a time and that i felt lack of power as a 125cc engine as a result of the acceleration was bit slower. Although I felt the engine power isn’t sufficient however i used to be ready to accelerate up to ninety KM/H speed that I likable as a result of it are often raised a lot of however I didn’t get the prospect to try to to it. i’m happy with the mileage that i believe ought to be in an exceedingly vary of is 65-70 KM/L in keeping with my use. Generally I forget after I crammed the fuel tanker, therefore worries with the mileage that I will say. Really this is strong & powerful Engine at all.

Last Speech:

I have maintained my bike for few times and little works fairly often and that i suppose the behaviors of the sexual union center, their operating ability, charge all square measure pleasing. TVS bikes elements square measure offered everywhere Bangladesh that’s why currently worries concerning them. I typically check my bike for higher performance and visit the Servicing Center for his or her regular opinion for fixing the bike.

Finally i might wish to say in keeping with the value and because the Bajaj Discover 125 bike it’s excellent with its feature and performance. I believe it’s ideal for victimisation and if somebody asks for my overall ratings i’ll offer four out of five. Truly I say that this the only bike that can give a rider full pleasure with the Chiep payment. As NGO Empoier i can realize that it is not only comforting & Stylish But also Speedy & Controlling.