KEEWAY Motorcycle review

KEEWAY Motorcycle review
KEEWAY Motorcycle review


KeeWay could be a transnational whole of Europe. This whole was born in Republic of Hungary in 1999. they’re manufacturing smart quality bike with engaging look. the planning and elegance of bikes ar galvanized from the user’s expertise and this whole count with a team of designers from everywhere the globe, some professional and young businessperson designers from European country and Argentina. KeeWay is producing scooters, and technology motorcycles from fifty cc to 600 cc. KeeWay could be a a part of the Qianjiang motor company of China cluster that is one in all the foremost vital makers in Asia. In China and conjointly in alternative countries QJ has become the productive whole when the acquisition of a majority share holding of the Italian company Benelli.

This a hundred and five years recent company is tremendously noted in Europe. Benelli is currently the most partner of KeeWay bike within the development of style and technology. typically they think about the planning that set trends within the bike world. that the company is proud as a result of all styles and latest technology proposal of this whole return from the hands of the new style and development team in Benelli and KeeWay. KeeWay has taken solely fifteen years to become a transnational bike whole and occupying in over eighty countries. it’s one in all the favored makers in Asia currently.

In People’s Republic of Bangladesh you’ll realize a tough competition within the section of motorcycle. Some brands ar dominating within the market. No company will survive before of such competition except innovative feature and varied worth side giving. This company could be a newcomer in People’s Republic of Bangladesh and is anticipated to be hit for his or her outstanding performance. The goal of KeeWay is to deliver sacred bike scrutiny to the skilled angle of the established brands. the corporate is giving motorbikes that ar powerful, modern and conjointly reliable. These extraordinary models of KeeWay represent strength and toughness talent. the corporate is assured with their spectacular bike models. These bikes have wonderful mileage and acceleration. The engine performance is brilliant and offers major power to the rider. There are 100cc, 125cc and 150cc bikes of KeeWay are available in the market.

Usually 100cc and 125cc bikes have air cooled 4 stroke, SOHC single cylinder and 2-valve engine. 100cc bikes have 4 speed transmissions and 125cc bikes have 5 speed transmissions with single disc up front brake in the front and drum brake in the rear. KeeWay 150cc bikes which are available in Bangladesh usually of 5 speeds, 2 valve single cylinder and 4-Stroke engine with good performance. These 150cc bikes possessed aggressive design, powerful engine and extra features like digital speedometer have made these bikes irresistible to the younger generation. Bikes of KeeWay are comfortable for long run and also safe. You will find good brake, suspension in both front and rear and very good ground clearance. Undoubtedly KeeWay’s bikes are fit to ride and all types of rider can choose KeeWay bike as it has various models and size.

Speedoz the importer of KeeWay bike in Bangladesh. They are bringing good quality for the riders of Bangladesh. Speedoz started their journey in 2009 with Megelli motorcycle. From then this company is working with different brand gladly. Speedoz Ltd. Was formed by three entrepreneurs and this company has setup assembly plant in Bogra. They have a target to go full on manufacturing within 2-3 years with KeeWay motorcycle. Keeway motorcycles are also available through well-known dealers in Dhaka, Chittagong and Joypurhat.


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