Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle Technical Review

Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle Technical Review

Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle Technical Review


The Honda CBR 150R is best designed sports bike of the Honda motorbike company. as a result of it’s created a distinct form of terrific and extremely massive sized body that’s trying too beautiful and each those who loves this kind of huge body sized motorbike they must be affected concerning it at their initial look. From the front it’s created a special designed massive fuel tank and it’s terribly|a really|a awfully} massive plastic formed in its body that’s placed its head to silencer that’s really very massive and that i assume you’ve got been ne’er seen before this kind of huge sized formed in any motorcycles body. This sports bike has obtainable varied colours|of colours} individuals will opt for his favorite colors bike. It’s not an enormous sized seat however it’s taken terribly|a extremely} terrific designed and this can be 2 completely different seat for the biker and WHO sitting behind him and this can be very comfy to sitting on this seat. it’s created an enormous and long silencer and 2 widest tires that’s trying superb. Not solely the look however conjointly it’s some extraordinary options and technical parts that’s really smart. therefore currently i’m reaching to tell concerning the technical a part of this glorious motorbike.


The Honda CBR 150R Repsol has give a really top quality wealth 149.16cc engine that’s makes this motorcycles engine a lot of stronger. And this motorcycles engine sorts ar a four stroke, four valve and DOHC that’s really particular for this engine. The 12.6 kW @ 9000 revolutions per minute most power and thirteen.7 @ seven000 revolutions per minute most force that’s terribly costly for any motorbike as a result of its increase this engines power. a really top quality speed has obtainable during this engine, this sports bike will approach one hundred sixty kilometers per hour of speed that’s really wonderful. And it’s half-dozen range of shell can attract each bike lover individuals {and the|and therefore the|and conjointly the} biker also proud of this gears. A Full Transisterized CDI system, wet multi plate kind clutch and NGK MR9C-9N electrical device has obtainable for this engine that’s too smart for this sports bike.

Chassis, Suspension & Dimension:

It’s a really massive body sized motorbike and it’s a well created and otherwise designed fuel tank that’s trying wonderful and this fuel tank will settle for up to twelve liters of fuel. and therefore the length of this body is 1983 metric linear unit, dimension is 694 metric linear unit and height is 1038 metric linear unit. The wheel base is 1311 metric linear unit ground clearance 166 seat height is 787 and curbing weight of this body is one hundred thirty five kilo that’s really terribly robust. This motorbike has give a neat and brighter twin light source with a crystal kind lamp and a flip lamp {that can|which will|that may} be terribly helpful for the biker WHO ride this motorbike at middle night and therefore the biker will ride this motorbike in the dead of night not facing any drawback as a result of this light source will facilitate the biker to observe everything clearly. 2 terribly robust tires conjointly has obtainable for this bike and therefore the tires size ar a front 100/80-17 and rear 130/70-17 sized widest kind tires.

Two terribly top quality mechanical system has obtainable for this motorbike, it’s a front top quality wealth Telescopic and a rear Monosock coil mechanical system and this 2 ar particular for this motorbike. For batter dominant this motorbike provides 2 robust braking system. it’s a front Disc and a rear Disc brakes that 2 ar terribly robust and folks will management this bikes any time anyplace.

At Last

So all of them i would like to inform one assume this can be a 1 of the simplest designed motorbike. And this motorbike has created a really completely different form of style. The teenagers of Asian nation can very likes this motorcycles style i’m positive.

 Honda CBR 150R Motorcycle Full Specifications