Honda CB150R ExMotion Motorcycle Technical Review

Honda CB150R ExMotion Motorcycle Technical Review

Honda CB150R ExMotion Motorcycle Technical Review

Honda has been the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer since 1959. Honda started their journey to Japan in 1948 and is now a brand-type motorcycle symbol and available almost everywhere in the world. Honda CB150R ExMotion (Extension Motion Life) The latest modern café version of the Honda family and the new turbine of sports bike lovers.This new stunning motorcycle is classified into cafeteria races, which are based on the concept of the 150 SS race created and launched in Thailand’s 150 cc class.

Let’s see the technological aspects of it.

Looks and Designs:

Honda CB150R ExMotion is a spectacular motorbike model that is the ultimate dream of sport bikes and very smart to see. Motorcycles have been designed and images of Honda’s big nakeds which are advanced design adopted for quick sports motorbikes for new sports motorbikes. The Honda CB150R exMotion design and advanced engineers made the look of CB150R ExMotion involving Japanese leading navigation brands such as Moriwaki, G’Craft, and Kitaco to design special items that were developed by Honda’s big and good game bikes like Honda CBR600RR for some of the big and good game bikes made even more outstanding . This new model of Honda family comes with the following: Pearl Cadet Gray, Millennium Red, Matt Laurel Green Metallic and Asteroid Black Metallic

Engine Configuration:
Honda CB150R ExMotion has come with a single cylinder 150cc DOHC 4-valve engine. The power outputs are unknown, but the engine gets water-cooled and a Molidian-coated piston and Honda’s fuel injection technology. The Honda CB150R exmotion is expected to generate the maximum power of about 20 hp, which is powered by a 150 cc liquid-cooled 1-cylinder engine devised by a minimum Euro6 (European emission standard).

Body structure:
Honda CB150R ExMotion is a derivative from their large ADV model, X-ADV 750 which uses 41mm up front forks. The CB150R demands good handling at all speeds, including all these new frames. Among other tools, there is a frequency of 296 mm floating disks with radial 4-piston caliper which has ABS system from CBR1000RR.
This empty road is 822 mm long, 1,973 mm wide and 1,053 mm long and has a wheelchase of 1,296 meters. When the bike comes with a seat height of 795 mm, ground clearance stands at 139 mm. It weighs only 123 kg, the tank may have up to 8.5 liters of fuel. The digital multi-info display is the device with all the LED clusters.


Riding Experience:
Before launching Honda, always test new models with a few test drives and CB150R ExMotion does not allow it to be disconnected. Honda CB150R exmotion always gives riders a nice and smooth drive. The engine is designed in such a way that it can speed up speed, provide top performance and reduce energy consumption. Drive speed and control system are very convenient for the ride whether they are driving next to the city or country. Ronders at the Honda CB150R ExMotion will never feel bothered because the seat is the most convenient on this cycle.


  1. The new 150 cc engine has been developed with enthusiasm for top round performance.
  2. The bright design of the body which can move the gravitational center near the side of the sider, so that the car can be light and easy to control.
  3. The new look of the CB150R is LED highlights and trail-lighting, and a fully digital instrument panel, along with an air-style fuel filler cap.
  4. The energy sector look and the economy is fast

Honda CB150R Price:

The Honda CB150R Expression Standard is launched in the Thai market, so the price is set at 99,800 Thai Bahat (India is 1,94,000 USD 3,100).  6,00,000 Taka in Bangladesh

If you already plan to have a new sports bike, Honda CB150R ExMotion should be your first choice based on your innovative aspect, smart performance, specifications and trends.

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