Beetle Bolt Alligator v2 Manufacture Reviews

Beetle Bolt Alligator v2 Manufacture Reviews
Beetle Bolt Alligator v2 Manufacture Reviews

Aligator v2 Bikes in Bangladesh

As you were growing up, did you dream of riding the roads in the most stylish motorcycle? Well, you can make your dream come true! Beetle Bolt offers high-performance and stylish motor bikes at affordable prices in BD. Visit our showroom or check out our online website to get an idea of the various models of motorbikes offered by Beetle Bolt.

One of our Brand new sports bike is Alligator V2. Built with a 150 cc engine, this bike gives a maximum power of 13.5Ps @ 8000 RPM and an optimum torque of 11.5 @ 6000 RPM. The engine is air cooled for optimum performance. When it comes to drive system, the Alligator V2 motorcycle is built with a chain drive and has a CDI ignition system. The iron frame further strengthens the construction while enhancing the stability of the vehicle. The unique feature of this bike is up side down shock absorver in front and rear monoshock suspension system ensure smooth drive on all types of terrains. This bike has pneumatic breaking system in front dual disc and rear single disc to stop the vehicle at just a moment’s notice. If you check out all these specifications, you will definitely feel that this Beetle Bolt motorbike is worth its price in BD.

The external design of the Alligator V2 motorbike is stylish and ultimate sporty. This bike has an unique color Matt Black. The projection headlights not just enhance the aesthetics of the vehicle, but also give you a powerful light without eating up a lot of battery power. The double protective muffler protects while the super rear wheels grips the road to ensure safe drive. The driving seat is comfortable in height and decorated by soft and high-quality leather to give you diminish driving.

Don’t just go for any cheap bike in Bangladesh because you feel that it may fit your budget. Take a look at the style and function features in Beetle Bolt Alligator V2, and you will surely understand that this motorbike is worth its price in Bangladesh. We also have other motorbike models such as Stinger and Corbet. Visit our showroom or browse through our website for more information regarding the specifications and cost of the motorcycles.


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